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This is a NEW VAT KF-25 aluminum right angle valve, solenoid-actuated.

Our price: $350.

This valve bears an Adixen sticker on one side, but as indicated by the other sticker and by the associated documentation, it is a VAT valve. As received by us, the components were factory sealed in plastic bags as shown in several of the pictures.

When closed, the valve sealing force is provided by a spring. For opening, the actuation is carried out directly by an electrical solenoid. Application of the voltage is - and must only be - done through the included module. This module relatively briefly applies voltage to the higher-current coil in the solenoid to open the valve, then leaves only the lower-current coil energized to continue to hold it open.
  • VAT part number 26328-KA64
  • aluminum right angle valve
  • KF-25 flanges
  • directly solenoid actuated for opening, spring to close
  • includes module to control application of voltage to the solenoid coils
  • 90-130, 50-60 Hz VAC operation (requires 700 W to initially open the valve; 8 W to continue to hold it open)
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