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This is a NEW Nor-Cal KF-50 bellows sealed stainless steel angle in-line valve, pneumatically actuated, with position indicator switches. It is a semi-custom version with a small manual valve welded on one port.

Our price: $400 each - we have several of these available.

As received by us, this valve was wrapped in plastic as shown in the first picture, with protective caps in place on both flanges. Interior and exterior surfaces appear to be immaculate, with no signs to indicate that the valve has ever been put into service on a vacuum system.

It appears that there was once a longer cable assembly soldered to the position indicator switches, and that it was at some point cut off right where the cable would exit the housing. In order to use the position indicator switches, then the buyer would need to unsolder these short lengths of wire from the switches, then solder new wires to them as required by the application.

This valve appears to be a semi-custom version, to the extent that there is a small, bellows-sealed manual valve welded to one of the ports. This could be used to manually backfill or flush a section of vacuum system with inert gas. If that functionality is not required for the buyer's application, then the small valve could simply be left shut. For additional security, a Swagelok plug could be installed on it.
  • Nor-Cal stainless steel vacuum valve
  • angle in-line configuration
  • nominal 2" ports
  • KF-50 flanges
  • bellows sealed actuation
  • pneumatic actuation (air to open, spring to close)
  • position indicator switches to indicate open/closed status of valve
  • small bellows-sealed manual valve welded on one port (1/4" Swagelok connection)
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