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This is a NEW MKS HPS stainless steel KF-40 two-stage in-line high vacuum valve.

Our price: $400

As received by us, this valve was sealed in plastic as shown.

This is a two-stage valve, essentially two valves in parallel in one compact package. The low-conductance bypass can be used to carry out a "soft" initial chamber pumpdown with reduced turbulent flow, and the main valve can then be opened for full conductance once an appropriate pressure has been obtained. This functionality is particularly desirable for processes that are sensitive to particulates.

We also have available two-stage valves that are similar in function to this one, but are of a right angle (rather than in-line) configuration. If such valves might be of interest to you, and you don't find them listed, then please contact us.
  • MKS HPS part number L2-040-IK-225-CNVNH
  • stainless steel right angle valve
  • nominal 1-1/2" ports
  • KF-40 flanges
  • bellows sealed actuation
  • Viton bonnet seal
  • Viton poppet seal
  • pneumatic actuation (air to open, spring to close) for both the main valve and the bypass

  • 0.225" bypass orifice
  • normally closed (NC) bypass actuator
  • pneumatic port for main valve is 1/8" NPT-F
  • pneumatic port for bypass valve is 10-32 UNF (suitable push-to-connect tubing adapters are available as standard items from many sources)
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