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This is a NEW Pfeiffer TSF 012 turbo pump venting valve.

As received by us, this valve had a protective cap in place on the KF flange. It is immaculate, and appears to never have been installed on a system. It differs slightly from the standard configuration of valve to the extent that the inlet fitting has an internal threaded detail (see close-up view in the pictures below).

When used with an appropriate combination of Pfeiffer turbomolecular vacuum pump and controller, this valve can effect automatic venting of the pump during run-down (either intentional or through loss of AC mains power). Venting on such a system does not take place immediately. Instead, it is delayed until the pump has slowed to a particular range of rotational speed - a kinder, gentler venting.

If you are in doubt about whether this valve should be compatible with your pump and controller, then please feel free to contact us. We may be able to assist you.

  • Pfeiffer TSF 012
  • Pfeiffer model number PM Z01 105 (PMZ01105)
  • "normally open" valve
  • 42 VDC coil voltage
  • KF-10 flange

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