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This is an UNUSED nude hot cathode ionization gauge on a 2-3/4" Conflat style flange. It is of the UHV style with a "squirrel cage" grid, and is compatible only with electron beam (EB) degas. It has dual tungsten filaments.

Our price: $250

As received by us, this was in the unsealed factory clamshell packaging as shown in the first picture. There are no signs that the gauge has ever been installed or used. There are no marks on the flange face where washers or bolt heads would make contact, and no discoloration of internal gauge parts.
  • nude hot cathode ionization gauge
  • dual tungsten filaments
  • UHV style gauge with "squirrel cage" grid
  • compatible with electron beam (EB) degas; not compatible with resistive (I2R) degas
  • 2-3/4" Conflat style flange
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