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This is a NEW 10 foot Granville-Phillips cable for use with a nude hot cathode ionization gauge tube; electron beam degas only.

Our price: $100 each - we have a number of these available.

This cable is for connecting a nude hot cathode ionization gauge tube to a controller. It is 10 feet in length. Connection to the gauge tube is made through individual push-on electrical connectors.

Please note that there are only four wires in this cable - two for the filament, one for the grid, and one for the collector. It is suitable only for use with an ionization gauge controller that uses electron beam (EB) degas. It is not suitable for use with a "resistive degas" controller. There are six push-on connectors present, but two of them are not electrically connected to the other end of the cable; they are provided only to serve as covers for unused pins on the ionization gauge tube.

On the controller connection end, the collector cable "pigtail" is approximately 14" (35 cm) in length. This is suitable for use in applications where the controller and the power supply are in close proximity to each other - for example, a Granville-Phillips 303 controller, or a Granville-Phillips 307 controller set up with the controller and power supply mounted side-by-side as a single 19-inch rack unit.
  • part number 20000-30
  • cable for nude ionization gauge tube
  • 10 feet in length
  • individual push-on connectors, labeled as follows
    • filament
    • filament
    • grid
    • collector
    • pin cover
    • pin cover
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