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This is a Granville-Phillips Micro-Ion Plus vacuum gauge module with a 2-3/4" Conflat style flange, model 356001-YG-T.

This item was received by us as shown in the first picture, with the gauge, still-sealed electrical connectors, documentation disk, and declaration of conformity paperwork.

Cosmetic condition is excellent, and we do not know that this gauge was actually put into service on a system. However, there were marks on the non-sealing face of the Conflat flange where washers would touch it, indicating that the flange has at some point in time been connected to another flange. We won't call this gauge "new" - but if it has been used, then it has been only very gently used.

We have tested this gauge on a clean, turbomolecular pumped vacuum system to confirm correct basic operation (analog output and degas functions).

This module provides a lot of functionality in a small package. With both rough and high vacuum sensors, and integrated electronics, all that is required for basic operation is that it be provided with DC power of suitable voltage, current capability, and quality (requirements are in the manual, available on-line; see comments later in this description), and that an appropriate way of reading the analog output voltage be provided. Degas can be asserted by connecting the appropriate interface pin to ground.

The RS-485 interface is available for comprehensive operation of the whole package, including configuration of the trip point relays
  • Granville-Phillips part number 356001-YG-T
  • Micro-Ion Bayard-Alpert hot filament ionization gauge
  • Conductron thermal-loss sensor
  • measurement range for nitrogen or air: 1x10-9 Torr to atmosphere
  • 2-3/4" Conflat style flange (rotatable style)
  • analog output
  • two (2) trip point relays
  • RS-485 interface
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