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This is a complete Edwards Active vacuum gauge package consisting of an AGC controller and AIM-S cold cathode gauge - both in "new old stock" condition.

Our price: $1000 - please inquire about additional gauge packages.

As received by us, the controller was in the original factory box bearing the same serial number. It is in excellent cosmetic condition, showing only a few very light cosmetic marks from handling. Included in the box were the original printed manual, mating connector for the analog outputs, and self-adhesive "feet" that could be used on the controller if it were used as a free-standing unit.

As received by us, the cold cathode gauge was in the original factory box bearing the same serial number, as shown in one of the pictures. It was still wrapped in tissue and sealed under plastic to a piece of cardboard, as shown in another one of the pictures. It was removed from the original packaging to allow for visual inspection and testing.

The controller and gauge are both dated 1996, but are still in new old stock condition.

We have shown the original packaging in the pictures. Unless specifically requested otherwise by the buyer, however, the controller and cold cathode gauge will be repackaged to allow them to be safely shipped in a single box.

The gauge cable is new. It is not an original Edwards cable, but a commercially available Category 5e patch cable assembly with strain relieved connectors.

This package was tested on a clean, turbomolecular pumped high vacuum system, with no problems observed. During this testing, the cold cathode gauge was not operated for extended periods of time, and was not ignited until after the system had been brought down to the low 10-5 Torr regime.

  • Edwards part number D386-55-000 (D38655000)
  • one-line digital display
  • 3 gauge channels
  • 6 process control channels (open collector transistor outputs: 40 VDC, 100 mA maximum). These are individually assignable to any of the gauge channels, and can also individually be manually forced to "on" or "off" status through the front panel menu system. Front panel indicators show status of these process control channels.
  • Can be configured so that one gauge (e.g., a Pirani gauge - not included in this package) automatically activates another gauge (e.g., a cold cathode gauge) at a specified pressure.
  • analog outputs for the gauge channels (mating plug is included)
  • 90-265 VAC, 45-70 Hz mains operation
AIM-S Active Inverted Magnetron cold cathode gauge:
  • Edwards part number D146-41-000 (D14641000)
  • KF-25 flange
Cables to connect the gauge tubes to the controller:
  • 25 feet in length
  • NOT original Edwards cable
  • commercial Category 5e patch cable assembly with strain relieved connectors
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