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This is a used KD Scientific KDS100 laboratory syringe pump.

Our price: $700

As seen in the pictures, cosmetic condition of this pump is fairly good, but not pristine. It shows a number of cosmetic scuffs, scratches, and chips in the paint. It also shows one "ding" on the plastic membrane, just to the right of the window for the LCD display (shown in close-up in one of the pictures).
  • KD Scientific model 780100V (appears to be functionally identical to KDS100)
  • single syringe
  • infusion only (no withdrawal capability)

  • 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz operation
  • AC mains cord (not shown) will be included.

  • This is a laboratory syringe pump - not a medical device - not manufactured or sold for in vivo human use.
This is a compact, smooth, and quiet pump with a straightforward user interface. A number of popular syringes can be selected from the menu; if the desired syringe is not represented there, then the plunger diameter can be set manually.

The range of flow rates available is dependent upon the size of syringe used. A few examples:
  • For a 10 microliter Hamilton syringe, selectable flow rates range from 0.1 to 137 microliters per hour.
  • For a 100 microliter Hamilton syringe, selectable flow rates range from 1 to 1270 microliters per hour.
  • For a 1 milliliter Becton-Dickinson syringe, selectable flow rates range from 0.01 to 13.2 milliliters per hour.
  • For a 60 milliliter Becton-Dickinson syringe, selectable flow rates range from 0.2 to 423 milliliters per hour.
The pump can be configured to deliver a specified volume, after which delivery ceases. During delivery in that mode, the display shows the volume that has been delivered at any given time. If the delivery volume is instead set to "0", then the pump can be be operated continuously, with no indication of the volume delivered.

Basic functionality of this pump has been tested, and appears to be fine. A test was carried out using the method suggested in the technical section of the KDS web site, and the pump performed as expected - measured linear travel and delivery time were appropriate for a given combination of syringe diameter, delivery rate, and delivery volume.

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