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This is a Harvard Apparatus model 22 laboratory syringe pump,

Our price: $700

This is an example of the very popular model 22 laboratory syringe pump from Harvard Apparatus.

As seen in the pictures, cosmetic condition of this pump is not pristine, but is not ghastly, either. There are a number of cosmetic dings and scrapes in the paint. As shown in one of the close-up pictures, there is one diagonal scratch/gouge on the plastic of the display; this is not very deep, and does not affect the readability of the display in use. The display is easy to read, and the membrane keypad appears to be in good condition as well. A previous owner had written a name and number on the right-hand side of the pump in permanent marker, which is still partially visible.

An anchor point has been attached to the cabinet of the pump on the left-hand side. This anchor swivels, and provides a means by which the pump could be "locked down" - by use of an appropriate cable and lock not supplied here - to some hard point in the lab as a security measure.

Basic functionality has been tested, and appears to be fine. A test was carried out, and the pump performed as it should. Actual measured linear travel of the pusher block was appropriate for a given combination of syringe diameter, delivery rate, and delivery time.

  • Harvard model 22
  • catalog number 55-2222
  • dual syringe capability
  • infusion only (no withdrawal capability)

  • 115/230 VAC (user selectable), 50/60 Hz operation

  • This is a laboratory syringe pump - not a medical device - not for clinical use on human patients.

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